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I’m here to blend all that I have gathered in my life journey to give to you in a way that will support you greatest. I have a wealth of skill and knowledge that span across health, wealth, love, and, fulfillment. Sort of a junior Tony Robbins in my own unique way.

My business and wealth insight come from my experience running my own personal training and yoga business, as well as leading numerous university initiatives, groups, events, and receiving the #1 Ranked Master of Management degree in North America from the University of British Columbia. Additionally, I am on my way to earning my credentials in financial planning.

Athletically and physically I am a 27-time provincial medalist in track and field and competed 5 times internationally in the 800m dash. I have been studying yoga since before I was 10 years old and when I was 16 years old, I got the opportunity to begin my teaching journey. Since then I have taught more than 1000 classes, and more than 10,000 people. I have completed a half-dozen Yoga Teacher trainings with specialities in Akhanda, Yin, Athletes, Mediation, Gentle Restorative, and Pain Care Yoga. When I was 19, I began adding personal training to my repertoire drawing from my skills in athletics, yoga, my self teaching, and my certification as a Personal Training Specialist from the Canadian Fitness Professionals.

I am also a father and a husband who has seen a fair share of relational highs and lows which have taught me greatly. This life experience gives me relatability and rich appreciation for the complexity of intimacy, relationship, family, marriage, love, and children. I bring this awareness into all I do and apply it as necessary for my clients.

What I do with my clients is connect with them, learn about them, and offer strategies and mindsets to serve their needs. I thrive at connecting and understanding, and then I draw from my experience and education to meet the need. Some of my clients are looking for more of a coaching and counselling type experience, while others are dealing with physical pain in their bodies they want to heal, some are looking to reach their max sport performance, while others are looking to explore spirituality through yoga, others still are looking for business strategy, marketing, and leadership advising.

Currently I am working on my first book, about Young Adult Leadership, which I aim to have written by Spring 2020.

After each training session I felt great both mentally and physically and that was attributed to Tim’s talent and positivity. His personality makes him an extraordinary person to work with. He is always positive, upbeat, and motivated. He never complained, even when I would change things up on him at the last minute. He would just adapt and move forward.
— Kara Hole, Junior Estimator
Timurlane is blessed with an openness and compassion that is rare to find in this world. I met him only a year ago and to say he hasn’t changed my life would be a lie.
— Camilla Norris, University of British Columbia


To build exceptional inspiring relationships based on contribution and growth that inspire the people I work with to think, feel, and live life to the fullest on their own terms. 


To see as a many people as possible inspired by the beauty they are and acting on the opportunity they have to make their lives richer and their communities safer, freer, and more loving places.

My Background

Timurlane is a twist on the name Tamerlane, the 14th century half-Turkish, half Mongol conqueror and founder of the Timurid Dynasty. I have yet to meet another Timurlane. Growing up, that presented me with a unique challenge and opportunity, that most people I met did not know where to immediately place me in their minds. This gifted me a sliver of possibility that I could make a fresh impression on people, by-passing some preconceptions and assumptions about race, culture, and other aspects of identity.

I grew up in small towns in Alberta, Canada. I loved it. I miss it. I live in Vancouver, Canada now, at the University of British Columbia (UBC). But, my journey has taken me from my birthplace Edmonton, to Barrhead, Cold Lake, Three Hills, Sherwood Park, and eventually Leduc where I lived most of my life. Traveling, studying, and volunteering, I have explored America including Hawaii, as well as Belize, England, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Netherlands, and India. When I was little, and Leduc was smaller too I could just about run a lap around Leduc. I loved running through farmers fields, and on gravel roads looking at the endless possibility I saw in the land and space. Leduc treated me very well with is proximity to Edmonton I had a wealth of amenities, and Leduc it self is rich with strong community. My High School had such a diversity of electives as soccer, wood working, drama, digital media, wielding, automotive, art, music, robotics, and in gym class we had everything from swing dancing to golf.

I have a wonderful sister named Noelle, and most of our lives we have been pain in the butt to each other. However, our relationship is experiencing a renaissance in the new-found maturity of our young adulthood. My Mother and Father are a pair of almost exact opposites but are the same in their loving hearts. My grandmother on my fathers’ side is the only grandparent I developed a rich relationship with the because the others had past. However, connecting deeply with my grandmother meant that I had to learn Turkish as she does not know English. This necessity she created I now see as a blessing. I have seemingly hundreds of cousins from the over a dozen of shared siblings of my parents and the many siblings of my grandparents. I have yet to meet them all.

…. More Coming Soon :)