All photography provided by Timurlane Cakmak and Friends

For over 7 years I have been leading holistic yoga, personal training, and wellness coaching. 



To build exceptional inspiring relationships based on contribution and growth that inspire the people I work with to think, feel, and live life to the fullest on their own terms. 

Timurlane is blessed with an openness and compassion that is rare to find in this world. I met him only a year ago and to say he hasn’t changed my life would be a lie.
— Camilla Norris, University of British Columbia

After each training session I felt great both mentally and physically and that was attributed to Tim’s talent and positivity. His personality makes him an extraordinary person to work with. He is always positive, upbeat, and motivated. He never complained, even when I would change things up on him at the last minute. He would just adapt and move forward.
— Kara Hole, Junior Estimator