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A Short Selection of Testimonials

Sekoah Kwon-Salkin

I feel privileged to experience Timurlane’s yoga classes. Being a yoga teacher myself, I recognize his incredible teaching skills and am inspired by his classes. His holistic teaching approach reflects his experience studying yoga in its birthplace, Rishikesh India. His incorporation of his studies in India into his creative yoga flows complements the local community vibe. His original classes uphold the practice of yoga as a physical approach to free the mind, body, and spirit. A critical skill that Timurlane possesses is his relationships with his students. He shows up early to his classes and is the last to leave which opens meaningful opportunities for dialogue. Timurlane’s calming presence gives this world good energy.
— Sekoah Kwon-Salkin, University of British Columbia Graduate

Hamza El Hrichi

Timurlane is an honest and generous coach. He provided me high quality career and life coaching advice that greatly renewed and improved my determination. He is a patient man, who is well qualified from his years of study, teaching, coaching experience and designations.
— Hamza El Hrichi, Aspiring Administrative Professional


It all started when my friend Mélodie told me about Timurlane and how amazing his yoga sessions were. Thus, I decided to give it a try as Mélodie had only good things to say about him. I had no expectations going there, all I wanted to do is relax and chill with some friends. But it was way more than that! That first session was sensational. It’s incredible how Timurlane (only by talking to you) can make you feel so relaxed, and at peace with yourself. After this first yoga practice, I went to a few more sessions and I found out things about myself I didn’t know I was capable of reaching. His voice tickled my ears and his words resonated in my heart. Timurlane is not only a talented human being but he is able to share his passions with others and make every one of us feel comfortable, precious and privileged. His diffusion of positive vibes has no limit.”
— Amara FKM, University of British Columbia Student

Aly Thobani

Timurlane has been one of the most positive and influential people in my life, and I’ve known him less than a year. He’s helped show me the empowerment that comes from yoga, he’s given me priceless life advice, and he’s simply been a wonderful friend. I’ve never been a huge yoga fanatic before, but after I attended a free yoga class with him back in December 2015, I was hooked. He provides a judgment free environment in which everyone benefits vastly from his knowledge and expertise. He simultaneously stresses the importance of learning from one’s own unique experiences, and making yoga a personal journey that can affect the rest of your life. A wise, caring and highly effective mentor and instructor. Take his class and you won’t regret it!

(Below photo by Julia Kress Photography and Writing)
— Aly Thobani, Engineer, Canada

Yutong Bang

For me doing yoga and meditation are, I would say, little steps I take towards being comfortable with myself, acknowledging my shortages and hopefully working on them a little bit. If I were to describe Timurlane, an old soul would be the first word. Inside the yoga classes, Timurlane is a highly knowledgeable teacher, which even impressed me a bit at first. And outside classes, a dear friend. The most mesmerizing thing about his classes is that how peaceful they are.
— Yutong Bang, Basketball Player, China

Kara Hole

My experience working with Tim was wide-ranging and went above and beyond what I had originally expected. We trained my body with varying workouts that we are always fun, different, and customized to my abilities and goals. He regularly provided advice for me on other areas of my life including nutrition, work, education, and personal matters. Tim always made me feel very comfortable opening up to him and he was able to maintain the perfect balance between friendship and professionalism throughout our relationship. If I came into a training session in a bad mood (somewhat regularly­ especially early mornings on weekends) he managed to turn my mood around within a couple minutes every single time. After each training session I felt great both mentally and physically and that was attributed to Tim’s talent and positivity. His personality makes him an extraordinary person to work with. He is always positive, upbeat, and motivated. He never complained, even when I would change things up on him at the last minute. He would just adapt and move forward. Tim was always smiling and sharing his heartfelt experiences and knowledge with others. For example, whenever we walked around the training facility people would constantly be trying to stop him to talk because everyone knew him and he always knew a great deal about everyone else as well. He takes the time to really learn about others - their experiences, what is important to them, what motivates them, etc. I feel like he got to know me extremely well as we worked together. Tim is really great at understanding people and uses that skill to motivate and train them. The most positive impacts that Tim has made on me that I have carried forward beyond our training are a positive outlook on life and a desire to take better care of my body and soul.
— Kara Hole, Junior Estimator, Rohit Group

David Rust 

I have seen Timurlane seek out challenges to increase his knowledge and experience and then meet them with a keen excitement and subsequently utilize that growth in his daily life, education and work. It is always a pleasure to meet with Timurlane and witness his enthusiasm to learn new things, explore solutions to community challenges, and follow through on his commitments. He has demonstrated these skills in his many community activities such as volunteering for both the young and the elderly, school integration efforts, the hospital, Food Bank, and other humanitarian work. I have also witnessed the same values and commitment demonstrated in his caring relationships that he nurtures within his own family. Additionally, Timurlane excels both academically and athletically, and has an impressive record of success in both areas that I have rarely, if ever, seen in my over 30 years of working with youth.
— David Rust, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Isabella Dolierlees

One of the first events I attended at UBC was Timurlane’s yoga session during my jumpstart orientation. At that class I immediately liked Timurlane as a teacher and I was delighted to attend future classes. I loved that each yoga experience I had with Timurlane was always different and special. I was able to learn new types of yoga and expand my practice through activities such as singing and humming. I hope to one day be a yoga instructor and Timurlane is an amazing role model, as he creates a relaxing environment for his students and ensures that each person can get the attention they need. I am very excited to practice again with Timurlane in the future.
— Isabella Dolierlees, Student, Canada

University of British Columbia's Ponderosa Commons Residence 

Timurlane’s yoga class was a delight! It was wonderful converting the Oak Collegium space, which is usually a social space for hanging out or a study space, into a relaxing space to practice yoga together. The students and advisors that participated enjoyed the soothing music and the calming plant that he brought to class, alongside the beginners’ yoga practice that Timurlane led us through. His class benefited the students in the Oak Collegium, as it allowed for an activity that focused on physical and mental wellbeing. Commuter students often find it difficult to take care of their physical wellbeing, as many exercise classes and activities offered around campus do not accommodate to commuters – they often occur late at night, on the weekends, or require participants to bring workout gear or equipment with them on their long commutes to school. Offering Timurlane’s class in this space for commuters allowed for students to try out yoga for the first time, and allowed for students to learn more about yoga and other physical activities offered around campus.
— Anna Chen, Oak Collegium Senior Advisor 2016/17

Camilla Norris 

“Timurlane is blessed with an openness and compassion that is rare to find in this world. I met him only a year ago and to say he hasn’t changed my life would be a lie. As a yoga instructor, spiritual being and friend, Timurlane embodies and inspires deep thought and true presence. An interaction with him is like taking a deep breath and remembering to smile (as his insightful side is equally balanced with humor that will always cheer you up). It is unusual to find an individual who lives a truly holistic and grounded life at such a young age, but Timurlane is always in a healthy state - exercising, meditating, cooking healthy food, reading, studying, exploring or engaged in good conversation. His yoga classes follow this holistic approach to life - they leave you in a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace. The aspect of Timurlane that most impresses me is that he is always looking to learn. He is extremely accomplished for his age and yet remains humble and excited to learn from others at every chance. I went to my first acro yoga class with him, and was taken aback that the whole class he did not mention once that he was an instructor or even that he practiced yoga regularly. He simply smiled and said he was ready to learn, and learn we did! Timurlane is a healer. He has a quality that can never be lost and it is noticeable as soon as you meet him. He brings this to his classes and beyond - always sensing what others are feeling and creating a unique environment in which they are able to feel loved, take a deep breath and find some inner peace.”

— Camilla Norris, Student, USA

University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business

Timurlane was an excellent teacher for our beginner Yoga Class at the Sauder School of Business. He provided a calming, open and inviting space for our Staff and Faculty to relax during a lunch hour yoga session. Even within a cleared-out classroom, he provided us with a great introductory class to yoga that was not intimidating and very enjoyable. I also appreciated him introducing himself to all the attendees individually and getting everyone talking to each other prior to the class. We would like to have him teach a class again.
— Erica Hill, UBC Sauder Health and Wellness

Sybilla Heinemann

I had previously competed in many long distance trail races and a weight competition. When Timurlane (Tim) Cakmak and I started our sessions together, I was suffering from post-race/post competition depression. I felt unmotivated, with no desire for any further physical exercise. However, due to an increase in weight gain, I sought out help and the accountability of a trainer. I needed a trainer much different than the trainers I had previously used. I needed someone who would help me not only out of my physical slump but help with getting me excited about exercise in general. After researching many personal trainers and their backgrounds, and after a meeting requested by Tim, to ensure our ethics, goals and personalities would meld, Tim, agreed to work with me. I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, demeanor and positive attitude. We worked together 3 times per week for a couple of months. I was not to be disappointed. What struck me most, was his caring, positive, can do, attitude. He always ensured I was ok to keep going, instilled excitement and pride in what was accomplished and constantly strived to help me, see that I could push beyond the boundaries, I had set in my mind. He was always cheerful, motivating, and interested in teaching as well as learning. He helped me regain my love of athletics, and has helped me be a better athlete both physically and mentally because of the way he taught and interacted with me.
— Sybilla Heinemann, Banking Advisor

P-h Lecomte

My mindset coaching session with Timurlane was very inspiring. His examples and stories were perfectly told, and his listening incredibly deep. They encouraged me to think about and open up to patience, curiosity, and intuition. I also really appreciated the fact that he expressed genuine care about what I was saying. The questions he asked hit the right spot. I was very impressed by some kind of strength that was surrounding you.
You’re such a beautiful person.
— P-h Lecomte, France

Zining Wang

Timurlane is my first yoga teacher. Knowing him from the his UBC yoga initiative, I am very impressed with his knowledge, passion and the difference he made in community through yoga. He is great at leading students step by step, encouraging and always offering the best suggestions to help us make the most of our session. Learning from Timurlane, I broke through the mindset that “yoga is only for flexible people” and started to really enjoy practice both physically and spiritually. Besides bringing his excellent teaching skills and knowledge, Timurlane’s warm personally makes him not only a great instructor, but also a mentor and a dear friend. He is always open to share and it is particularly rewarding to chat with him after class. It is really lucky that I am able to begin my yoga journey with him.
— Zining Wang, China, UBC International Alliance Co-Chair of International Dialogue

Tannis Shaw 

What I admired most in Timurlane was his passion. And not just his passion for personal training, fitness, or leading a healthy lifestyle, but his passion toward whatever he puts his mind to. He calls it his ‘passion for empowering others to live life to the fullest in their own unique way.’ And I believe he succeeds in doing just that.
— Tannis Shaw, Road Racer, Retired, Canada

Mélodie Honen-Delmar

Trying yoga was an amazing discovery that helped me gain confidence and be more peaceful. My first time trying it was with Timurlane. I am so glad I was able to start in the conditions that enabled me to feel safe, peaceful and happy. My boyfriend and I tried together and it was an amazing way to share new experiences. What I really like about Timurlane’s teaching is that he makes sure to adapt the type of yoga and the strength of yoga to our abilities and wants. This means that there is no pressure or competition among the yogis. It is only a time for yourself and trying to be more peaceful through different methods. This flexibility of method is very appreciable. Every week we did something very different from the others which gave us a more complete understanding of what yoga can be. Also, these different techniques helped us to develop adaptation to different styles of yoga. For example, we would see a particular position in one week that match with the general topic of the week and the following weeks, the same position but with a different spirit. This helped me to see my well being through different forms. The group activities were also very interesting and helpful to build self-confidence. Sharing our thoughts and exposing what we want to share to the rest of the group greatly contributed to developing a sense of belonging and happiness. Often, we would laugh a lot and share our common struggles of being students. Therefore, the community aspect is really appreciable in order to be happy. In general, through Timurlane’s class I was able to gain confidence academically speaking and personally, relax, laugh and be happy even in difficult moments.
— Mélodie Honen-Delmar, France, Student