Here's just a small taste of vast posibilities of offerings you can enjoy.


Group Yoga and Fitness Events, TRAINING'S, and Workshops

I am skilled and experienced in delivering exceptional group yoga, fitness programs, workshops, training's and special events. I work with beginners, experts, youth and older adults, and everything in between. Some examples of locations you can see our team in are schools, gyms, studios, temples, beaches, office meetings, sporting events, expos, and festivals. I share a vast range of classes/events/training's including but not limited to fitness boot-camps, yoga for beginners, yoga for inflexibly, relaxation in the workplace, the yoga of athletic performance, wellness for kids, wellness of seniors, and more. For speaking and seminars please see below in the last column. 



Personalized Coaching and Yoga For Athletes

Another specialty of mine is coaching athletes. My programs start with determining the athletes needs and creating a exceptional customized program for the client. Examples of previous client solutions have been programs focusing on building mobility and flexibility, programs focused on rehabilitation after injury, programs for relaxation, sleep, and mindset training, and a vast number of unique offers reflecting the diverse group of people we work with. All athletes are welcome including fighters, swimmers, runners, body builders, dancers, singers, golfers, skaters, pool players, bowlers, and everything else you can think of.  



Meditation and TRANSFORMATIONal Coaching

Meditation and transformational coaching can take place one on one or in groups of various sizes, usually 10-30 people. Meditation is the art of training the mind to rest in a single point of focus blissfully. It is a practice that brings deep inner realization, higher wisdom, relaxation, and peace of mind. As a result of being better connected to ourself and being more connected to our minds, we build better relationships with ourself and the world around us, becoming freer, happier, and more impactful in our work, families, and communities. My coaching looks at people holistically (social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional) and supports each person I work with in unique ways to meet their needs and help them feel, think, and live to their full potential. 


Personal and Small Group Peak PERFORMANCE Fitness Coaching

Athletic excellence is another one of my fortes. Ranging from novice sport to professional sport, I work with athletes at the youth and junior ages up to older adults competing in masters events (approximately 8 yrs - 80 yrs of age). This differs from the service offered above in that this training is not yoga focused. While yoga and fitness can be blended, the main focus here is performance. You might find yourself in a progression leading to handstand push-ups, or find yourself after a 3 month program running your best run ever safely and injury free, or you might use this service to supplement your existing swim program with strength and mobility training in the gym or in non-traditional settings. The opportunities and choices are limitless, I are here to help.


Speaking, Seminars, and Training Events

I love to share, inspire, motivate, teach, co-teach, lead, and co-lead. In other words I love hosting speaking events and training's at your locations or mine.  Some of my favorite topics include "wellness in the workplace," "meditation for everyone," "how to change the world," "yoga for the inflexible," "the value of yoga for kids," "health and wellness for students," and "yoga psychology for athletic performance." If you have a unique new idea that you think will be great but you are not sure, connect with me and we can discuss together. 


Photo from a balance and fall prevention sustainable fitness class at  Restore Human  in Vancouver.

Photo from a balance and fall prevention sustainable fitness class at Restore Human in Vancouver.

Sustainable Fitness Coaching

Sustainable fitness coaching is about being fit for life, so you can play with your kids and grand kids, be ready for that weekend hike or after work frisbee, and live your life injury and pain free. The focus here is on learning healthy movement principles as well as breath, relaxation, mobility, and recovery training which will empower you no matter what your background. Together we will work on building strength, grace, and resilience. For more information see Restore Human

Me delivering a keynote presentation at a Master of Management event at the University of British Columbia.

Me delivering a keynote presentation at a Master of Management event at the University of British Columbia.

Business Advising

To help my clients I draw from my #1 Ranked Master of Management degree in North America, my wealth of organizational experience leading university events, initiatives, and groups, and my experience as a business owner of my personal training and yoga sole proprietorship. My areas of expertise are in marketing, strategy, leadership, and general management.