Timerlane is blessed with an openness and compassion that is rare to find in this world. I met him only a year ago and to say he hasn’t changed my life would be a lie. As a yoga teacher, spiritual being and friend, Timerlane embodies and inspires deep thought and true presence. An interaction with him is like taking a deep breath and remembering to smile (as his insightful side is equally balanced with humor that will always cheer you up). It is unusual to find an individual who lives a truly holistic and grounded life at such a young age, but Timerlane is always in a healthy state - exercising, meditating, cooking healthy food, reading, studying, exploring or engaged in good conversation. His yoga classes follow this holistic approach to life - they leave you in a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace. The aspect of Timerlane that most impresses me is that he is always looking to learn. He is extremely accomplished for his age and yet remains humble and excited to learn from others at every chance. I went to my first acro yoga class with him, and was taken aback that the whole class he did not mention once that he was an instructor or even that he practiced yoga regularly. He simply smiled and said he was ready to learn, and learn we did! Timerlane is a healer. He has a quality that can never be lost and it is noticeable as soon as you meet him. He brings this to his classes and beyond - always sensing what others are feeling and creating a unique environment in which they are able to feel loved, take a deep breath and find some inner peace.
— Camilla Norris, USA, Yoga, Global Development, Spirituality

You are absolutely brilliant.
— Brittany Muncaster, Holistic Nutritionist, Speaker, Writer, Canada
Timerlane taught me how every moment can reveal things about yourself, and help you engage in a healing process. He has empowered me to leave my comfort zone and understanding that I am already a masterpiece.
— Carolina Duque, Columbian, Global Development

My mindset coaching session with Timerlane was very inspiring. His examples and stories were perfectly told, and his listening incredibly deep. They encouraged me to think about and open up to patience, curiosity and intuition. I also really appreciated the fact that you genuinely cared about what I was saying, and the questions you asked hit the right spot. I was very impressed by some kind of strength that was surrounding you.
You’re such a beautiful person..
— P-h Lecomte, France, Traveler, Writer, Lover of Life

Throughout all of our exceptional personal training sessions, what I admired most in Timerlane was his passion. And not just his passion about personal training, fitness, or leading a healthy lifestyle, but his passion toward whatever he puts his mind too. He calls it his “passion for empowering others to life life to the fullest in their own unique way.” And I believe that he success in doing just that.
— Tannis Shaw, 62 Years Old, Former Personal Training Client

The most positive impact Timerlane has made on me that I have carried forward beyond our training, is a positive outlook on life and a commitment to taking better care of my body and soul.
— Kara Hole, Former Personal Training Client, Canadian, Human Resources Specialist

I have worked with exceptional young people for many years through a variety of organizations such as UNICEF, Junior Achievement of Canada, and as Chair of the Inter-Agency Youth Services Association, and so on. Timerlane is among the most uniquely talented and enthusiastic of all of those youth. His continuing work in holistic health and wellness improves outcomes for students through improved awareness, knowledge and research and evidence-based practices with regard to their physical, mental and emotional health and connectedness to the community. Timerlane consistently demonstrates a passion for supporting, nurturing and positively impacting people in his community and beyond.
— David Rust, Alberta Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative